Fix Python – Equivalent C++ to Python generator pattern

I’ve got some example Python code that I need to mimic in C++. I do not require any specific solution (such as co-routine based yield solutions, although they would be acceptable answers as well), I simply need to reproduce the semantics in some manner.
This is a basic sequence generator, clearly too large to store a materialized version.

Fix Python – Resetting generator object in Python

I have a generator object returned by multiple yield. Preparation to call this generator is rather time-consuming operation. That is why I want to reuse the generator several times.
y = FunctionWithYield()
for x in y: print(x)
#here must be something to reset ‘y’
for x in y: print(x)

Of course, I’m taking in mind copying content into simple list…..

Fix Python – In practice, what are the main uses for the “yield from” syntax in Python 3.3?

I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around PEP 380.

What are the situations where yield from is useful?
What is the classic use case?
Why is it compared to micro-threads?

So far I have used generators, but never really used coroutines (introduced by PEP-342). Despite some similarities, generators and coroutines are basically two different c….