Fix Python – RuntimeError on windows trying python multiprocessing

I am trying my very first formal python program using Threading and Multiprocessing on a windows machine. I am unable to launch the processes though, with python giving the following message. The thing is, I am not launching my threads in the main module. The threads are handled in a separate module inside a class.
EDIT: By the way this code runs ….

Fix Python – How to use “/” (directory separator) in both Linux and Windows in Python?

I have written a code in python which uses / to make a particular file in a folder, if I want to use the code in windows it will not work, is there a way by which I can use the code in Windows and Linux.
In python I am using this code:

When I will use my code in ….

Fix Python – Running Python on Windows for Node.js dependencies

I am getting into a Node.js codebase which requires that I download a few dependencies via NPM, namely jQuery.
In attempting to run npm install jquery, I keep getting this error:
Your environment has been set up for using Node.js 0.8.21 (x64) and NPM

C:\Users\Matt Cashatt>npm install jquery
npm http GET
npm http ….

Fix Python – How do you run a Python script as a service in Windows?

I am sketching the architecture for a set of programs that share various interrelated objects stored in a database. I want one of the programs to act as a service which provides a higher level interface for operations on these objects, and the other programs to access the objects through that service.
I am currently aiming for Python and the Djang….

Fix Python – CSV in Python adding an extra carriage return, on Windows

import csv

with open(‘test.csv’, ‘w’) as outfile:
writer = csv.writer(outfile, delimiter=’,’, quoting=csv.QUOTE_MINIMAL)
writer.writerow([‘hi’, ‘dude’])
writer.writerow([‘hi2’, ‘dude2’])

The above code generates a file, test.csv, with an extra \r at each row, like so:

instead of the expected