Fix Python – doesn’t show up on console but warn and error do

When I log an event with, it doesn’t appear in the Python terminal.
import logging‘I am info’) # no output

In contrast, events logged with logging.warn do appear in the terminal.
import logging
logging.warn(‘I am warning’) # outputs “I am warning”

Is there a environment level change I can to make print t….

Fix Python – How do I catch a numpy warning like it’s an exception (not just for testing)?

I have to make a Lagrange polynomial in Python for a project I’m doing. I’m doing a barycentric style one to avoid using an explicit for-loop as opposed to a Newton’s divided difference style one. The problem I have is that I need to catch a division by zero, but Python (or maybe numpy) just makes it a warning instead of a normal exception.
So, wh….

Fix Python – Raise warning in Python without interrupting program

I am trying to raise a Warning in Python without making the program crash / stop / interrupt.
I use the following simple function to check if the user passed a non-zero number to it. If so, the program should warn them, but continue as per normal. It should work like the code below, but should use class Warning(), Error() or Exception() instead of….