Fix Python – What is the difference between pyenv, virtualenv, anaconda?

I am a ruby programmer trying to learn python. I am pretty familiar with pyenv since it is like a copy and paste from rbenv. Pyenv helps allow to have more than one version of python in a system and also to isolate the python without touching sensitive parts of system.
I suppose every python installation comes with pip package. What I still don’t ….

Fix Python – Broken references in Virtualenvs

I recently installed a bunch of dotfiles on my Mac along with some other applications (I changed to iTerm instead of Terminal, and Sublime as my default text editor) but ever since, all my virtual environments have stopped working, although their folders inside .virtualenvs are still there and they give the following error whenever I try to run an….

Fix Python – How to use MySQLdb with Python and Django in OSX 10.6?

This is a much discussed issue for OSX 10.6 users, but I haven’t been able to find a solution that works. Here’s my setup:
Python 2.6.1 64bit
Django 1.2.1
MySQL 5.1.47 osx10.6 64bit
I create a virtualenvwrapper with –no-site-packages, then installed Django. When I activate the virtualenv and run python syncdb, I get this error:

Fix Python – How to uninstall a package installed with pip install –user

There is a –user option for pip which can install a Python package per user:
pip install –user [python-package-name]

I used this option to install a package on a server for which I do not have root access. What I need now is to uninstall the installed package on the current user. I tried to execute this command:
pip uninstall –user [python-pac….

Fix Python – Upgrade python in a virtualenv

Is there a way to upgrade the version of python used in a virtualenv (e.g. if a bugfix release comes out)?
I could pip freeze –local > requirements.txt, then remove the directory and pip install -r requirements.txt, but this requires a lot of reinstallation of large libraries, for instance, numpy, which I use a lot.
I can see this is an advantag….

Fix Python – Does Conda replace the need for virtualenv?

I recently discovered Conda after I was having trouble installing SciPy, specifically on a Heroku app that I am developing.
With Conda you create environments, very similar to what virtualenv does. My questions are:

If I use Conda will it replace the need for virtualenv? If not, how do I use the two together? Do I install virtualenv in Conda, or ….

Fix Python – Cron and virtualenv

I am trying to run a Django management command from cron. I am using virtualenv to keep my project sandboxed.
I have seen examples here and elsewhere that show running management commands from within virtualenv’s like:
0 3 * * * source /home/user/project/env/bin/activate && /home/user/project/ command arg

However, even though syslog show….