Fix Python – What exactly does the T and Z mean in timestamp?

I have this timestamp value being return by a web service “2014-09-12T19:34:29Z”
I know that it means timezone, but what exactly does it mean?
And I am trying to mock this web service, so is there a way to generate this timestamp using strftime in python?
Sorry if this is painfully obvious, but Google was not very helpful and neither was the strf….

Fix Python – Python UTC datetime object’s ISO format doesn’t include Z (Zulu or Zero offset)

Why python 2.7 doesn’t include Z character (Zulu or zero offset) at the end of UTC datetime object’s isoformat string unlike JavaScript?
>>> datetime.datetime.utcnow().isoformat()

Whereas in javascript
>>> console.log(new Date().toISOString());


Fix Python – How to convert integer timestamp into a datetime

I have a data file containing timestamps like “1331856000000”. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of documentation for the format, so I’m not sure how the timestamp is formatted. I’ve tried Python’s standard datetime.fromordinal() and datetime.fromtimestamp() and a few others, but nothing matches. I’m pretty sure that particular number corresponds ….