Fix Python – Why is it slower to iterate over a small string than a small list?

I was playing around with timeit and noticed that doing a simple list comprehension over a small string took longer than doing the same operation on a list of small single character strings. Any explanation? It’s almost 1.35 times as much time.
>>> from timeit import timeit
>>> timeit(“[x for x in ‘abc’]”)
>>> timeit(“[x for x i….

Fix Python – How can I time a code segment for testing performance with Pythons timeit?

I’ve a python script which works just as it should, but I need to write the execution time. I’ve googled that I should use timeit but I can’t seem to get it to work.
My Python script looks like this:
import sys
import getopt
import timeit
import random
import os
import re
import ibm_db
import time
from string import maketrans
myfile = open(“result….