Fix Python – Practicing BDD with python [closed]

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Fix Python – How do I disable a test using pytest?

Let’s say I have a bunch of tests:
def test_func_one():

def test_func_two():

def test_func_three():

Is there a decorator or something similar that I could add to the functions to prevent pytest from running just that test? The result might look something like…
def test_func_one():

def test_fu….

Fix Python – How can I time a code segment for testing performance with Pythons timeit?

I’ve a python script which works just as it should, but I need to write the execution time. I’ve googled that I should use timeit but I can’t seem to get it to work.
My Python script looks like this:
import sys
import getopt
import timeit
import random
import os
import re
import ibm_db
import time
from string import maketrans
myfile = open(“result….

Fix Python – How do I run all Python unit tests in a directory?

I have a directory that contains my Python unit tests. Each unit test module is of the form test_*.py. I am attempting to make a file called that will, you guessed it, run all files in the aforementioned test form and return the result. I have tried two methods so far; both have failed. I will show the two methods, and I hope someone o….