Fix Python – How to convert a timezone aware string to datetime in Python without dateutil?

I have to convert a timezone-aware string like “2012-11-01T04:16:13-04:00” to a Python datetime object.
I saw the dateutil module which has a parse function, but I don’t really want to use it as it adds a dependency.
So how can I do it? I have tried something like the following, but with no luck.

Fix Python – What exactly does the T and Z mean in timestamp?

I have this timestamp value being return by a web service “2014-09-12T19:34:29Z”
I know that it means timezone, but what exactly does it mean?
And I am trying to mock this web service, so is there a way to generate this timestamp using strftime in python?
Sorry if this is painfully obvious, but Google was not very helpful and neither was the strf….