Fix Python – How to generate random strings in Python?

How do you create a random string in Python?
I need it to be number then character, repeating until the iteration is done.
This is what I created:
def random_id(length):
number = ‘0123456789’
alpha = ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz’
id = ”
for i in range(0,length,2):
id += random.choice(number)
id += random.choice(alph….

Fix Python – Differences between numpy.random and random.random in Python

I have a big script in Python. I inspired myself in other people’s code so I ended up using the numpy.random module for some things (for example for creating an array of random numbers taken from a binomial distribution) and in other places I use the module random.random.
Can someone please tell me the major differences between the two?
Looking at….

Fix Python – Simple way to create matrix of random numbers

I am trying to create a matrix of random numbers, but my solution is too long and looks ugly
random_matrix = [[random.random() for e in range(2)] for e in range(3)]

this looks ok, but in my implementation it is
weights_h = [[random.random() for e in range(len(inputs[0]))] for e in range(hiden_neurons)]

which is extremely unreadable and does not ….

Fix Python – Generate random array of floats between a range

I haven’t been able to find a function to generate an array of random floats of a given length between a certain range.
I’ve looked at Random sampling but no function seems to do what I need.
random.uniform comes close but it only returns a single element, not a specific number.
This is what I’m after:
ran_floats = some_function(low=0.5, high=13.3….