Fix Python – adding directory to sys.path /PYTHONPATH

I am trying to import a module from a particular directory.
The problem is that if I use sys.path.append(mod_directory) to append the path and then open the python interpreter, the directory mod_directory gets added to the end of the list sys.path. If I export the PYTHONPATH variable before opening the python interpreter, the directory gets adde….

Fix Python – django import error – No module named

Ok, I see plenty of these errors around. I have tried everything I know to do and have yet to figure this out.
I am working on a development server running python 2.5 and Django 1.3. Django 1.3 was installed using python install after unpacking the tar.gz download.
All works well, I seldom have the need to run but am trying to u….

Fix Python – How to add to the PYTHONPATH in Windows, so it finds my modules/packages?

I have a directory which hosts all of my Django apps (C:\My_Projects). I want to add this directory to my PYTHONPATH so I can call the apps directly.
I tried adding C:\My_Projects\; to my Windows Path variable from the Windows GUI (My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables). But it still doesn’t read the coltrane ….