Fix Python – Have the same README both in Markdown and reStructuredText

I have a project hosted on GitHub. For this I have written my README using the Markdown syntax in order to have it nicely formatted on GitHub.
As my project is in Python I also plan to upload it to PyPi. The syntax used for READMEs on PyPi is reStructuredText.
I would like to avoid having to handle two READMEs containing roughly the same content;….

Fix Python – How can I make setuptools install a package that’s not on PyPI?

I’ve just started working with setuptools and virtualenv. My package requires the latest python-gearman that is only available from GitHub. The python-gearman version that’s on PyPI is an old one. The Github source is setuptools-compatible, i.e. has, etc. Is there a way to make setuptools download and install the new version instead of lo….

Fix Python – Why is python saying invalid command ‘bdist_wheel’ on Travis CI?

My Python package has a which builds fine locally on Ubuntu Trusty and on a fresh Vagrant Ubuntu Trusty VM when I provision it like this:
sudo apt-get install python python-dev –force-yes –assume-yes –fix-broken
curl –silent –show-error –retry 5 | sudo python2.7
sudo -H pip install setuptools whe….

Fix Python – Why use pip over easy_install?

A tweet reads:

Don’t use easy_install, unless you
like stabbing yourself in the face.
Use pip.

Why use pip over easy_install? Doesn’t the fault lie with PyPI and package authors mostly? If an author uploads crap source tarball (eg: missing files, no to PyPI, then both pip and easy_install will fail. Other than cosmetic differences….

Fix Python – Installing specific package version with pip

I am trying to install version 1.2.2 of MySQL_python, using a fresh virtualenv created with the –no-site-packages option. The current version shown in PyPi is 1.2.3. Is there a way to install the older version? I have tried:
pip install MySQL_python==1.2.2

However, when installed, it still shows MySQL_python-1.2.3-py2.6.egg-info in the site pack….