Fix Python – Disable all Pylint warnings for a file

We are using Pylint within our build system.
We have a Python package within our code base that has throwaway code, and I’d like to disable all warnings for a module temporarily so I can stop bugging the other devs with these superfluous messages. Is there an easy way to pylint: disable all warnings for a module?

Fix Python – Why does Pylint object to single-character variable names?

I’m still getting used to Python conventions and using Pylint to make my code more Pythonic, but I’m puzzled by the fact that Pylint doesn’t like single character variable names. I have a few loops like this:
for x in x_values:

and when I run pylint, I’m getting Invalid name “x” for type variable (should match [a-z_][a-z0-9_]….

Fix Python – Why is the use of len(SEQUENCE) in condition values considered incorrect by Pylint?

Considering this code snippet:
from os import walk

files = []
for (dirpath, _, filenames) in walk(mydir):
# More code that modifies files
if len(files) == 0: # <-- C1801 return None I was alarmed by Pylint with this message regarding the line with the if statement: [pylint] C1801:Do not use len(SEQUENCE) as condition value The rule C18....

Fix Python – PyLint message: logging-format-interpolation

For the following code:
logger.debug(‘message: {}’.format(‘test’))

pylint produces the following warning:

logging-format-interpolation (W1202):
Use % formatting in logging functions and pass the % parameters as
arguments Used when a logging statement has a call form of
“logging.(format_string.format(format_args…))”. Such
calls should use….

Fix Python – Is it possible to ignore one single specific line with Pylint?

I have the following line in my header:
import config.logging_settings

This actually changes my Python logging settings, but Pylint thinks it is an unused import. I do not want to remove unused-import warnings in general, so is it possible to just ignore this one specific line?
I wouldn’t mind having a .pylintrc for this project, so answers chang….

Fix Python – How do I disable a Pylint warning?

I’m trying to disable warning C0321 (“more than one statement on a single line” — I often put if statements with short single-line results on the same line), in Pylint 0.21.1 (if it matters: astng 0.20.1, common 0.50.3, and Python 2.6.6 (r266:84292, Sep 15 2010, 16:22:56)).
I’ve tried adding disable=C0321 in the Pylint configuration file, but Pyl….