Fix Python – What shebang to use for Python scripts run under a pyenv virtualenv

When a Python script is supposed to be run from a pyenv virtualenv, what is the correct shebang for the file?
As an example test case, the default Python on my system (OS X) does not have pandas installed. The pyenv virtualenv venv_name does. I tried getting the path of the Python executable from the virtualenv.
pyenv activate venv_name
which pyth….

Fix Python – What is the relationship between virtualenv and pyenv?

I recently learned how to use virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper in my workflow but I’ve seen pyenv mentioned in a few guides but I can’t seem to get an understanding of what pyenv is and how it is different/similar to virtualenv. Is pyenv a better/newer replacement for virtualenv or a complimentary tool? If the latter what does it do differently an….

Fix Python – What is the difference between pyenv, virtualenv, anaconda?

I am a ruby programmer trying to learn python. I am pretty familiar with pyenv since it is like a copy and paste from rbenv. Pyenv helps allow to have more than one version of python in a system and also to isolate the python without touching sensitive parts of system.
I suppose every python installation comes with pip package. What I still don’t ….