Fix Python – tqdm printing to newline

I’m working on a small command-line game in python where I am showing a progress bar using the tqdm module. I listen for user input using the msvcrt module to interrupt the progress. Once interrupted, the user can restart by entering ‘restart’ into the command line prompt. The second time the progress bar is shown, instead of updating the same lin….

Fix Python – Output to the same line overwriting previous output?

I am writing an FTP downloader. Part of to the code is something like this:
ftp.retrbinary(“RETR ” + file_name, process)

I am calling function process to handle the callback:
def process(data):
print os.path.getsize(file_name)/1024, ‘KB / ‘, size, ‘KB downloaded!’

and output is something like this:
1784 KB / KB 1829 dow….

Fix Python – Multiprocessing : use tqdm to display a progress bar

To make my code more “pythonic” and faster, I use multiprocessing and a map function to send it a) the function and b) the range of iterations.
The implanted solution (i.e., calling tqdm directly on the range tqdm.tqdm(range(0, 30))) does not work with multiprocessing (as formulated in the code below).
The progress bar is displayed from 0 to 100% ….

Fix Python – Python Progress Bar

How do I use a progress bar when my script is doing some task that is likely to take time?
For example, a function which takes some time to complete and returns True when done. How can I display a progress bar during the time the function is being executed?
Note that I need this to be in real time, so I can’t figure out what to do about it. Do I n….