Fix Python – Python Process Pool non-daemonic?

Would it be possible to create a python Pool that is non-daemonic? I want a pool to be able to call a function that has another pool inside.
I want this because deamon processes cannot create process. Specifically, it will cause the error:
AssertionError: daemonic processes are not allowed to have children

For example, consider the scenario where….

Fix Python – Keyboard Interrupts with python’s multiprocessing Pool

How can I handle KeyboardInterrupt events with python’s multiprocessing Pools? Here is a simple example:
from multiprocessing import Pool
from time import sleep
from sys import exit

def slowly_square(i):
return i*i

def go():
pool = Pool(8)
results =, range(40))
except KeyboardInter….

Fix Python – Can’t pickle when using multiprocessing

I’m trying to use multiprocessing’s function to divide out work simultaneously. When I use the following code, it works fine:
import multiprocessing

def f(x):
return x*x

def go():
pool = multiprocessing.Pool(processes=4)
print, range(10))

if __name__== ‘__main__’ :

However, when I use it in a….