Fix Python – How to convert webpage into PDF by using Python

I was finding solution to print webpage into local file PDF, using Python. one of the good solution is to use Qt, found here,
It didn’t work at the beginning as I had problem with the installation of PyQt4 because it gave error messages such as ‘ImportError: No module named PyQt4.QtCore’, and ‘ImportErr….

Fix Python – Add text to Existing PDF using Python

I need to add some extra text to an existing PDF using Python, what is the best way to go about this and what extra modules will I need to install.
Note: Ideally I would like to be able to run this on both Windows and Linux, but at a push Linux only will do.
Edit: pyPDF and ReportLab look good but neither one will allow me to edit an existing PDF,….

Fix Python – How to create PDF files in Python [closed]

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Fix Python – Extract a page from a pdf as a jpeg

In python code, how to efficiently save a certain page in a pdf as a jpeg file? (Use case: I’ve a python flask web server where pdf-s will be uploaded and jpeg-s corresponding to each page is stores.)
This solution is close, but the problem is that it does not convert the entire page to jpeg.

Fix Python – Merge PDF files

Is it possible, using Python, to merge separate PDF files?
Assuming so, I need to extend this a little further. I am hoping to loop through folders in a directory and repeat this procedure.
And I may be pushing my luck, but is it possible to exclude a page that is contained in each of the PDFs (my report generation always creates an extra blank p….