Fix Python – Can’t pickle when using multiprocessing

I’m trying to use multiprocessing’s function to divide out work simultaneously. When I use the following code, it works fine:
import multiprocessing

def f(x):
return x*x

def go():
pool = multiprocessing.Pool(processes=4)
print, range(10))

if __name__== ‘__main__’ :

However, when I use it in a….

Fix Python – RuntimeError on windows trying python multiprocessing

I am trying my very first formal python program using Threading and Multiprocessing on a windows machine. I am unable to launch the processes though, with python giving the following message. The thing is, I am not launching my threads in the main module. The threads are handled in a separate module inside a class.
EDIT: By the way this code runs ….

Fix Python – multiprocessing.Pool: What’s the difference between map_async and imap?

I’m trying to learn how to use Python’s multiprocessing package, but I don’t understand the difference between map_async and imap.
I noticed that both map_async and imap are executed asynchronously. So when should I use one over the other? And how should I retrieve the result returned by map_async?
Should I use something like this?
def test():

Fix Python – multiprocessing vs multithreading vs asyncio in Python 3

I found that in Python 3.4 there are few different libraries for multiprocessing/threading: multiprocessing vs threading vs asyncio.
But I don’t know which one to use or is the “recommended one”. Do they do the same thing, or are different? If so, which one is used for what? I want to write a program that uses multicores in my computer. But I don’….

Fix Python – How should I log while using multiprocessing in Python?

Right now I have a central module in a framework that spawns multiple processes using the Python 2.6 multiprocessing module. Because it uses multiprocessing, there is module-level multiprocessing-aware log, LOG = multiprocessing.get_logger(). Per the docs, this logger (EDIT) does not have process-shared locks so that you don’t garble things up in ….

Fix Python – Python multiprocessing PicklingError: Can’t pickle

I am sorry that I can’t reproduce the error with a simpler example, and my code is too complicated to post. If I run the program in IPython shell instead of the regular Python, things work out well.
I looked up some previous notes on this problem. They were all caused by using pool to call function defined within a class function. But this is not….

Fix Python – How to use multiprocessing with multiple arguments

In the Python multiprocessing library, is there a variant of which supports multiple arguments?
import multiprocessing

text = “test”

def harvester(text, case):
X = case[0]
text + str(X)

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:
pool = multiprocessing.Pool(processes=6)
case = RAW_DATASET, case), case, 1)