Fix Python – Calling parent class __init__ with multiple inheritance, what’s the right way?

Say I have a multiple inheritance scenario:
class A(object):
# code for A here

class B(object):
# code for B here

class C(A, B):
def __init__(self):
# What’s the right code to write here to ensure
# A.__init__ and B.__init__ get called?

There’s two typical approaches to writing C’s __init__:

(old-style) ParentClass….

Fix Python – What does ‘super’ do in Python? – difference between super().__init__() and explicit superclass __init__()

What’s the difference between:
class Child(SomeBaseClass):
def __init__(self):
super(Child, self).__init__()

class Child(SomeBaseClass):
def __init__(self):

I’ve seen super being used quite a lot in classes with only single inheritance. I can see why you’d use it in multiple inheritance b….