Fix Python – ModuleNotFoundError: What does it mean __main__ is not a package?

I am trying to run a module from the console. The structure of my directory is this:

I am trying to run the module, from the problem_set_02 directory using:
$ python3

The code inside p_03_using_bisection_search.pyis:
__author__ = ‘m’

from .p_02_paying_debt_off_in_a_year import compu….

Fix Python – Python 3: ImportError “No Module named Setuptools”

I’m having troubles with installing packages in Python 3.
I have always installed packages with install. But now, when I try to install the ansicolors package I get:
importerror “No Module named Setuptools”

I have no idea what to do because I didn’t have setuptools installed in the past. Still, I was able to install many packages with se….

Fix Python – How to list all functions in a module?

I have a Python module installed on my system and I’d like to be able to see what functions/classes/methods are available in it.
I want to call the help function on each one. In Ruby I can do something like ClassName.methods to get a list of all the methods available on that class. Is there something similar in Python?
e.g. something like:
from so….