Fix Python – How to find the min/max value of a common key in a list of dicts?

I have a list of dictionaries like so:
[{‘price’: 99, ‘barcode’: ‘2342355’}, {‘price’: 88, ‘barcode’: ‘2345566’}]

I want to find the min() and max() prices. Now, I can sort this easily enough using a key with a lambda expression (as found in another Stack Overflow post), so if there is no other way I’m not stuck. However, from what I’ve seen ther….

Fix Python – Getting the index of the returned max or min item using max()/min() on a list

I’m using Python’s max and min functions on lists for a minimax algorithm, and I need the index of the value returned by max() or min(). In other words, I need to know which move produced the max (at a first player’s turn) or min (second player) value.
for i in range(9):
new_board = current_board.new_board_with_move([i / 3, i % 3], player)