Fix Python – How to check whether a method exists in Python?

In the function __getattr__(), if a referred variable is not found then it gives an error. How can I check to see if a variable or method exists as part of an object?
import string
import logging

class Dynamo:
def __init__(self,x):
print “In Init def”
def __repr__(self):
print self.x
def __str__(self):
print self.x
def __int_….

Fix Python – In Python, when should I use a function instead of a method?

The Zen of Python states that there should only be one way to do things- yet frequently I run into the problem of deciding when to use a function versus when to use a method.
Let’s take a trivial example- a ChessBoard object. Let’s say we need some way to get all the legal King moves available on the board. Do we write ChessBoard.get_king_moves() ….

Fix Python – Python: Bind an Unbound Method?

In Python, is there a way to bind an unbound method without calling it?
I am writing a wxPython program, and for a certain class I decided it’d be nice to group the data of all of my buttons together as a class-level list of tuples, like so:
class MyWidget(wx.Window):
buttons = [(“OK”, OnOK),
(“Cancel”, OnCancel)]

# …


Fix Python – Why do we use “__init__” in Python classes?

I am having trouble understanding the Initialization of classes.
What’s the point of them and how do we know what to include in them? Does writing in classes require a different type of thinking versus creating functions (I figured I could just create functions and then just wrap them in a class so I can re-use them. Will that work?)
Here’s an exa….

Fix Python – unbound method f() must be called with fibo_ instance as first argument (got classobj instance instead)

In Python, I’m trying to run a method in a class and I get an error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\domenico\Desktop\py\”, line 8, in
TypeError: unbound method f() must be called with fibo instance
as first argument (got nothing instead)

Code: (
class fibo:


Fix Python – Python __call__ special method practical example

I know that __call__ method in a class is triggered when the instance of a class is called. However, I have no idea when I can use this special method, because one can simply create a new method and perform the same operation done in __call__ method and instead of calling the instance, you can call the method.
I would really appreciate it if someo….

Fix Python – Why does Python code use len() function instead of a length method?

I know that python has a len() function that is used to determine the size of a string, but I was wondering why it’s not a method of the string object.
Ok, I realized I was embarrassingly mistaken. __len__() is actually a method of a string object. It just seems weird to see object oriented code in Python using the len function on string ob….