Fix Python – Safest way to convert float to integer in python?

Python’s math module contain handy functions like floor & ceil. These functions take a floating point number and return the nearest integer below or above it. However these functions return the answer as a floating point number. For example:
import math

Now f returns:

What is the safest way to get an integer out of this flo….

Fix Python – Convert a number range to another range, maintaining ratio

I’m trying to convert one range of numbers to another, maintaining ratio. Maths is not my strong point.
I have an image file where point values may range from -16000.00 to 16000.00 though the typical range may be much less. What I want to do is compress these values into the integer range 0-100, where 0 is the value of the smallest point, and 100 ….

Fix Python – What is the standard way to add N seconds to datetime.time in Python?

Given a datetime.time value in Python, is there a standard way to add an integer number of seconds to it, so that 11:34:59 + 3 = 11:35:02, for example?
These obvious ideas don’t work:
>>> datetime.time(11, 34, 59) + 3
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘datetime.time’ and ‘int’
>>> datetime.time(11, 34, 59) + datetime.timedelta(0, 3)