Fix Python – What is the most compatible way to install python modules on a Mac?

I’m starting to learn python and loving it. I work on a Mac mainly as well as Linux. I’m finding that on Linux (Ubuntu 9.04 mostly) when I install a python module using apt-get it works fine. I can import it with no trouble.
On the Mac, I’m used to using Macports to install all the Unixy stuff. However, I’m finding that most of the python modules ….

Fix Python – Getting “Permission Denied” when running pip as root on my Mac

I’ve started to use my Mac to install Python packages in the same way I do with my Windows PC at work; however on my Mac I’ve come across frequent permission denied errors while writing to log files or site-packages.
Therefore I thought about running pip install under sudo but is that a safe/acceptable use of sudo considering I’m just wa….

Fix Python – Where do I find the bashrc file on Mac?

Hello I am following this page.. I’m installing Python onto my mac so that I can set up a Django / Eclipse development environment. However I am not too sure how to go about executing this step:

The script will explain what changes it will make and prompt you
before the installation begins.

Once you’ve installed Homebrew,
insert the Homebrew ….

Fix Python – python location on mac osx

I’m a little confused with the python on osx. I do not know if the previous owner of the laptop has installed macpython using macport. And I remembered that osx has an builtin version of python. I tried using type -a python and the result returned
python is /usr/bin/python
python is /usr/local/bin/python

However running both python at these loca….

Fix Python – Can’t install PIL after Mac OS X 10.9

I’ve just updated my Mac OS to 10.9 and I discovered that some (all?) of my Python modules are not here anymore, especially the Image one.
So I try to execute sudo pip install pil, but I get this error:
/Applications/ fatal error: ‘X11/Xlib…..

Fix Python – pip installing in global site-packages instead of virtualenv

Using pip3 to install a package in a virtualenv causes the package to be installed in the global site-packages folder instead of the one in the virtualenv folder. Here’s how I set up Python3 and virtualenv on OS X Mavericks (10.9.1):
I installed Python3 using Homebrew:
ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

Fix Python – Reading tab-delimited file with Pandas – works on Windows, but not on Mac

I’ve been reading a tab-delimited data file in Windows with Pandas/Python without any problems. The data file contains notes in first three lines and then follows with a header.
df = pd.read_csv(myfile,sep=’\t’,skiprows=(0,1,2),header=(0))

I’m now trying to read this file with my Mac. (My first time using Python on Mac.) I get the following erro….

Fix Python – How to reinstall python@2 from Homebrew?

I have been having issues with openssl and python@2 with brew, which have explained here (unresolved). The documented workaround to reinstall Python and openssl was not working, so I decided I would uninstall and reinstall Python.
The problem is, when you try to install Python 2 with brew, you receive this message:
brew install python@2
Error: No ….

Fix Python – Multiprocessing causes Python to crash and gives an error may have been in progress in another thread when fork() was called

I am relatively new to Python and trying to implement a Multiprocessing module for my for loop.
I have an array of Image url’s stored in img_urls which I need to download and apply some Google vision.
if __name__ == ‘__main__’:

img_urls = [ALL_MY_Image_URLS]
print(“— %s seconds —” % (time.time() – start_time))