Fix Python – Python : List of dict, if exists increment a dict value, if not append a new dict

I would like do something like that.
list_of_urls = [‘’, ‘’,
‘’, ‘’,
‘’, ‘’,
‘’, ‘’,
‘’, ‘….

Fix Python – Iterating Over Dictionary Key Values Corresponding to List in Python

Working in Python 2.7. I have a dictionary with team names as the keys and the amount of runs scored and allowed for each team as the value list:
NL_East = {‘Phillies’: [645, 469], ‘Braves’: [599, 548], ‘Mets’: [653, 672]}

I would like to be able to feed the dictionary into a function and iterate over each team (the keys).
Here’s the code I’m usi….

Fix Python – Iterating through a JSON object

I am trying to iterate through a JSON object to import data, i.e. title and link. I can’t seem to get to the content that is past the :.
“title”: “Baby (Feat. Ludacris) – Justin Bieber”,
“description”: “Baby (Feat. Ludacris) by Justin Bieber on Grooveshark”,
“link”: “….

Fix Python – Numpy how to iterate over columns of array?

Suppose I have and m x n array. I want to pass each column of this array to a function to perform some operation on the entire column. How do I iterate over the columns of the array?
For example, I have a 4 x 3 array like
1 99 2
2 14 5
3 12 7
4 43 1

for column in array:

where column would be “1,2,3,4” in the first i….