Fix Python – Flask vs webapp2 for Google App Engine

I’m starting new Google App Engine application and currently considering two frameworks: Flask and webapp2. I’m rather satisfied with built-in webapp framework that I’ve used for my previous App Engine application, so I think webapp2 will be even better and I won’t have any problems with it.
However, there are a lot of good reviews of Flask, I rea….

Fix Python – Securely storing environment variables in GAE with app.yaml

I need to store API keys and other sensitive information in app.yaml as environment variables for deployment on GAE. The issue with this is that if I push app.yaml to GitHub, this information becomes public (not good). I don’t want to store the info in a datastore as it does not suit the project. Rather, I’d like to swap out the values from a file….

Fix Python – Project structure for Google App Engine

I started an application in Google App Engine right when it came out, to play with the technology and work on a pet project that I had been thinking about for a long time but never gotten around to starting. The result is BowlSK. However, as it has grown, and features have been added, it has gotten really difficult to keep things organized – mai….

Fix Python – DistutilsOptionError: must supply either home or prefix/exec-prefix — not both

I’ve been usually installed python packages through pip.
For Google App Engine, I need to install packages to another target directory.
I’ve tried:

pip install -I flask-restful –target ./lib

but it fails with:

must supply either home or prefix/exec-prefix — not both

How can I get this to work?

Fix Python – Choosing Java vs Python on Google App Engine

Currently Google App Engine supports both Python & Java. Java support is less mature. However, Java seems to have a longer list of libraries and especially support for Java bytecode regardless of the languages used to write that code. Which language will give better performance and more power? Please advise. Thank you!

Fix Python – Why is my Python App Engine app using the Translate API getting an error of ImportError: No module named apiclient.discovery?

I got this error in Google App Engine’s Python have used Google Translate API,
But I don’t know how to fix,

from apiclient.discovery import build
ImportError: No module named apiclient.discovery

I’ll try to set environment which indicates to Google App Engine SDK,
And upload to Google Apps Engine again, always get the error,

Error: Serv….

Fix Python – Django Template Variables and Javascript

When I render a page using the Django template renderer, I can pass in a dictionary variable containing various values to manipulate them in the page using {{ myVar }}.
Is there a way to access the same variable in Javascript (perhaps using the DOM, I don’t know how Django makes the variables accessible)? I want to be able to lookup details using ….