Fix Python – Have the same README both in Markdown and reStructuredText

I have a project hosted on GitHub. For this I have written my README using the Markdown syntax in order to have it nicely formatted on GitHub.
As my project is in Python I also plan to upload it to PyPi. The syntax used for READMEs on PyPi is reStructuredText.
I would like to avoid having to handle two READMEs containing roughly the same content;….

Fix Python – Conda: Installing / upgrading directly from github

Can I install/upgrade packages from GitHub using conda?
For example, with pip I can do:
pip install git+git://

to install scrappy directly from the master branch in GitHub. Can I do something equivalent with conda?
If this is not possible, would it make any sense to install pip with conda and manage such local ins….

Fix Python – Why am I seeing “TypeError: string indices must be integers”?

I’m playing with both learning Python and am trying to get GitHub issues into a readable form. Using the advice on How can I convert JSON to CSV?, I came up with this:
import json
import csv

f = open(‘issues.json’)
data = json.load(f)

f = open(“issues.csv”, “wb+”)
csv_file = csv.writer(f)

csv_file.writerow([“gravatar_id”, “position”, ….

Fix Python – Is it possible to use pip to install a package from a private GitHub repository?

I am trying to install a Python package from a private GitHub repository. For a public repository, I can issue the following command which works fine:
pip install git+git://

However, if I try this for a private repository:
pip install git+git://

I get the following output:

Fix Python – How to state in requirements.txt a direct github source

I’ve installed a library using the command
pip install git+git://

which installs it directly from a Github repository. This works fine and I want to have that dependency in my requirements.txt. I’ve looked at other tickets like this but that didn’t solve my problem. If I put something like
-f git+git://github….