Fix Python – Configuring so that pip install can work from github

We’d like to use pip with github to install private packages to our production servers. This question concerns what needs to be in the github repo in order for the install to be successful.
Assuming the following command line (which authenticates just fine and tries to install):
pip install git+ssh://….

Fix Python – Is it possible to use pip to install a package from a private GitHub repository?

I am trying to install a Python package from a private GitHub repository. For a public repository, I can issue the following command which works fine:
pip install git+git://

However, if I try this for a private repository:
pip install git+git://

I get the following output:

Fix Python – pip install from git repo branch

Trying to pip install a repo’s specific branch. Google tells me to
pip install

The branch’s name is issue/34/oscar-0.6 so I did pip install but its returning a 404.
How do I install this branch?