Fix Python – Understanding the difference between __getattr__ and __getattribute__

I am trying to understand the difference between __getattr__ and __getattribute__, however, I am failing at it.
The answer to the Stack Overflow question Difference between __getattr__ vs __getattribute__ says:

__getattribute__ is invoked before looking at the actual attributes on
the object, and so can be tricky to
implement correctly. You c….

Fix Python – What is getattr() exactly and how do I use it?

I’ve recently read about the getattr() function. The problem is that I still can’t grasp the idea of its usage. The only thing I understand about getattr() is that getattr(li, “pop”) is the same as calling li.pop.
I didn’t understand when the book mentioned how you use it to get a reference to a function without knowing its name until run-time. Ma….