Fix Python – Format floats with standard json module

I am using the standard json module in python 2.6 to serialize a list of floats. However, I’m getting results like this:
>>> import json
>>> json.dumps([23.67, 23.97, 23.87])
‘[23.670000000000002, 23.969999999999999, 23.870000000000001]’

I want the floats to be formated with only two decimal digits. The output should look like this:
>>> json.dump….

Fix Python – Python datetime formatting without zero-padding

Is there a format for printing Python datetimes that won’t use zero-padding on dates and times?
Format I’m using now:
mydatetime.strftime(‘%m/%d/%Y %I:%M%p’)

Result: 02/29/2012 05:03PM
Desired: 2/29/2012 5:03PM
What format would represent the month as ‘2’ instead of ’02’, and time as ‘5:03PM’ instead of ’05:03PM’

Fix Python – Using Python String Formatting with Lists

I construct a string s in Python 2.6.5 which will have a varying number of %s tokens, which match the number of entries in list x. I need to write out a formatted string. The following doesn’t work, but indicates what I’m trying to do. In this example, there are three %s tokens and the list has three entries.
s = ‘%s BLAH %s FOO %s BAR’
x = [‘1’, ….