Fix Python – Format / Suppress Scientific Notation from Pandas Aggregation Results

How can one modify the format for the output from a groupby operation in pandas that produces scientific notation for very large numbers?
I know how to do string formatting in python but I’m at a loss when it comes to applying it here.

value1 1.192433e+08
value2 1.293066e+08
value3 1.077….

Fix Python – Why are some float < integer comparisons four times slower than others?

When comparing floats to integers, some pairs of values take much longer to be evaluated than other values of a similar magnitude.
For example:
>>> import timeit
>>> timeit.timeit(“562949953420000.7 < 562949953421000") # run 1 million times 0.5387085462592742 But if the float or integer is made smaller or larger by a certain amount, the compariso....

Fix Python – Python JSON serialize a Decimal object

I have a Decimal(‘3.9’) as part of an object, and wish to encode this to a JSON string which should look like {‘x’: 3.9}. I don’t care about precision on the client side, so a float is fine.
Is there a good way to serialize this? JSONDecoder doesn’t accept Decimal objects, and converting to a float beforehand yields {‘x’: 3.8999999999999999} which….