Fix Python – Flask vs webapp2 for Google App Engine

I’m starting new Google App Engine application and currently considering two frameworks: Flask and webapp2. I’m rather satisfied with built-in webapp framework that I’ve used for my previous App Engine application, so I think webapp2 will be even better and I won’t have any problems with it.
However, there are a lot of good reviews of Flask, I rea….

Fix Python – How to print from Flask @app.route to python console

I would like to simply print a “hello world” to the python console after /button is called by the user.
This is my naive approach:
def button_clicked():
print ‘Hello world!’
return redirect(‘/’)

Background: I would like to execute other python commands from flask (not shell). “print” should be the easiest case.
I be….

Fix Python – How to iterate through a list of dictionaries in Jinja template?

I tried:
list1 = [{“username”: “abhi”, “pass”: 2087}]
return render_template(“file_output.html”, list1=list1)

In the template:

{% for dictionary in list1 %}
{% for key in dictionary %}

Key Value

{{ key }}

Fix Python – Python Flask Intentional Empty Response

Is there a way to return a response (from make_response() object or similar) with certain properties so that it doesn’t render the page again and doesn’t do anything else either. I am trying to run a code on the server without generating any output
A simple ‘return None’ produces:
ValueError: View function did not return a response

This should b….

Fix Python – What is the point of uWSGI?

I’m looking at the WSGI specification and I’m trying to figure out how servers like uWSGI fit into the picture. I understand the point of the WSGI spec is to separate web servers like nginx from web applications like something you’d write using Flask. What I don’t understand is what uWSGI is for. Why can’t nginx directly call my Flask application?….