Fix Python – How do I catch a numpy warning like it’s an exception (not just for testing)?

I have to make a Lagrange polynomial in Python for a project I’m doing. I’m doing a barycentric style one to avoid using an explicit for-loop as opposed to a Newton’s divided difference style one. The problem I have is that I need to catch a division by zero, but Python (or maybe numpy) just makes it a warning instead of a normal exception.
So, wh….

Fix Python – How do I raise the same Exception with a custom message in Python?

I have this try block in my code:
except ValueError as err:
errmsg = ‘My custom error message.’
raise ValueError(errmsg)

Strictly speaking, I am actually raising another ValueError, not the ValueError thrown by do_something…(), which is referred to as err in this case. How do I attac….

Fix Python – django MultiValueDictKeyError error, how do I deal with it

I’m trying to save a object to my database, but it’s throwing a MultiValueDictKeyError error.
The problems lies within the form, the is_private is represented by a checkbox. If the check box is NOT selected, obviously nothing is passed. This is where the error gets chucked.
How do I properly deal with this exception, and catch it?
The line is

Fix Python – Raise warning in Python without interrupting program

I am trying to raise a Warning in Python without making the program crash / stop / interrupt.
I use the following simple function to check if the user passed a non-zero number to it. If so, the program should warn them, but continue as per normal. It should work like the code below, but should use class Warning(), Error() or Exception() instead of….

Fix Python – How to retry after exception?

I have a loop starting with for i in range(0, 100). Normally it runs correctly, but sometimes it fails due to network conditions. Currently I have it set so that on failure, it will continue in the except clause (continue on to the next number for i).
Is it possible for me to reassign the same number to i and run through the failed iteration of th….