Fix Python – live output from subprocess command

I’m using a python script as a driver for a hydrodynamics code. When it comes time to run the simulation, I use subprocess.Popen to run the code, collect the output from stdout and stderr into a subprocess.PIPE — then I can print (and save to a log-file) the output information, and check for any errors. The problem is, I have no idea how the c….

Fix Python – Raise warning in Python without interrupting program

I am trying to raise a Warning in Python without making the program crash / stop / interrupt.
I use the following simple function to check if the user passed a non-zero number to it. If so, the program should warn them, but continue as per normal. It should work like the code below, but should use class Warning(), Error() or Exception() instead of….

Fix Python – Why is “except: pass” a bad programming practice?

I often see comments on other Stack Overflow questions about how the use of except: pass is discouraged. Why is this bad? Sometimes I just don’t care what the errors are and I want to just continue with the code.

Why is using an except: pass block bad? What makes it bad? Is it the fact that I pass on an error o….