Fix Python – How to migrate back from initial migration in Django 1.7?

I created a new app with some models and now I noticed that some of the models are poorly thought out. As I haven’t committed the code the sensible thing would be to migrate the database to last good state and redo the migration with better models. In this case the last good state is database where the new app doesn’t exist.
How can I migrate back….

Fix Python – Django 1.7 – makemigrations not detecting changes

As the title says, I can’t seem to get migrations working.
The app was originally under 1.6, so I understand that migrations won’t be there initially, and indeed if I run python migrate I get:
Operations to perform:
Synchronize unmigrated apps: myapp
Apply all migrations: admin, contenttypes, auth, sessions
Synchronizing apps without….

Fix Python – Django migration strategy for renaming a model and relationship fields

I’m planning to rename several models in an existing Django project where there are many other models that have foreign key relationships to the models I would like to rename. I’m fairly certain this will require multiple migrations, but I’m not sure of the exact procedure.
Let’s say I start out with the following models within a Django app called….

Fix Python – Django – makemigrations – No changes detected

I was trying to create migrations within an existing app using the makemigrations command but it outputs “No changes detected”.
Usually I create new apps using the startapp command but did not use it for this app when I created it.
After debugging, I found that it is not creating migration because the migrations package/folder is missing from an a….