Fix Python – Including non-Python files with

How do I make include a file that isn’t part of the code? (Specifically, it’s a license file, but it could be any other thing.)
I want to be able to control the location of the file. In the original source folder, the file is in the root of the package. (i.e. on the same level as the topmost I want it to stay exactly there w….

Fix Python – Differences between distribute, distutils, setuptools and distutils2?

The Situation
I’m trying to port an open-source library to Python 3. (SymPy, if anyone is wondering.)
So, I need to run 2to3 automatically when building for Python 3. To do that, I need to use distribute. Therefore, I need to port the current system, which (according to the doctest) is distutils.

The Problem
Unfortunately, I’m not sure what’s ….