Fix Python – Starting python debugger automatically on error

This is a question I have wondered about for quite some time, yet I have never found a suitable solution. If I run a script and I come across, let’s say an IndexError, python prints the line, location and quick description of the error and exits. Is it possible to automatically start pdb when an error is encountered? I am not against having an ext….

Fix Python – How can I see the entire HTTP request that’s being sent by my Python application?

In my case, I’m using the requests library to call PayPal’s API over HTTPS. Unfortunately, I’m getting an error from PayPal, and PayPal support cannot figure out what the error is or what’s causing it. They want me to “Please provide the entire request, headers included”.
How can I do that?

Fix Python – Showing the stack trace from a running Python application

I have this Python application that gets stuck from time to time and I can’t find out where.
Is there any way to signal Python interpreter to show you the exact code that’s running?
Some kind of on-the-fly stacktrace?
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