Fix Python – How to plot two columns of a pandas data frame using points

I have a pandas dataframe and would like to plot values from one column versus the values from another column. Fortunately, there is plot method associated with the data-frames that seems to do what I need:
df.plot(x=’col_name_1′, y=’col_name_2′)

Unfortunately, it looks like among the plot styles (listed here after the kind parameter) there are n….

Fix Python – How to merge a Series and DataFrame

If you came here looking for information on how to
merge a DataFrame and Series on the index, please look at this
The OP’s original intention was to ask how to assign series elements
as columns to another DataFrame. If you are interested in knowing the
answer to this, look at the accepted answer by EdChum.

Best I can come up wit….

Fix Python – Import CSV file as a Pandas DataFrame

How do I read the following CSV file into a Pandas DataFrame?


Fix Python – Way to read first few lines for pandas dataframe

Is there a built-in way to use read_csv to read only the first n lines of a file without knowing the length of the lines ahead of time? I have a large file that takes a long time to read, and occasionally only want to use the first, say, 20 lines to get a sample of it (and prefer not to load the full thing and take the head of it).
If I knew the t….