Fix Python – How do you create a daemon in Python?

Searching on Google reveals x2 code snippets. The first result is to this code recipe which has a lot of documentation and explanation, along with some useful discussion underneath.
However, another code sample, whilst not containing so much documentation, includes sample code for passing commands such as start, stop and restart. It also creates ….

Fix Python – Daemon Threads Explanation

In the Python documentation
it says:

A thread can be flagged as a “daemon thread”. The significance of this
flag is that the entire Python program exits when only daemon threads
are left. The initial value is inherited from the creating thread.

Does anyone have a clearer explanation of what that means or a practical example showing where you….

Fix Python – How to start a background process in Python?

I’m trying to port a shell script to the much more readable python version. The original shell script starts several processes (utilities, monitors, etc.) in the background with “&”. How can I achieve the same effect in python? I’d like these processes not to die when the python scripts complete. I am sure it’s related to the concept of a daemon s….