Fix Python – Anaconda export Environment file

How can I make anaconda environment file which could be use on other computers?
I exported my anaconda python environment to YML using conda env export > environment.yml. The exported environment.yml contains this line prefix: /home/superdev/miniconda3/envs/juicyenv which maps to my anaconda’s location which will be different on other’s pcs.

Fix Python – How to run Conda?

I installed Anaconda and can run Python, so I assume that I installed it correctly. Following this introductory documentation, I am trying to install Python v3.3, so I am copying and pasting the following line into my console:
conda create -n py33 python=3.3 anaconda

However, that gives me an error:

-bash: conda: command not found

What do I nee….

Fix Python – Does Conda replace the need for virtualenv?

I recently discovered Conda after I was having trouble installing SciPy, specifically on a Heroku app that I am developing.
With Conda you create environments, very similar to what virtualenv does. My questions are:

If I use Conda will it replace the need for virtualenv? If not, how do I use the two together? Do I install virtualenv in Conda, or ….