Fix Python – Should __ne__ be implemented as the negation of __eq__?

I have a class where I want to override the __eq__ method. It seems to make sense that I should override the __ne__ method as well. Should I implement __ne__ as the negation of __eq__ as such or is it a bad idea?
class A:

def __init__(self, state):
self.state = state

def __eq__(self, other):
return self.state == other.sta….

Fix Python – How does Python 2 compare string and int? Why do lists compare as greater than numbers, and tuples greater than lists?

The following snippet is annotated with the output (as seen on
print “100” < "2" # True print "5" > “9” # False

print “100” < 2 # False print 100 < "2" # True print 5 > “9” # False
print “5” > 9 # True

print [] > float(‘inf’) # True
print () > [] # True

Can someone explain why t….

Fix Python – Can’t compare naive and aware <= challenge.datetime_end

I am trying to compare the current date and time with dates and times specified in models using comparison operators:
if challenge.datetime_start <= <= challenge.datetime_end: The script errors out with: TypeError: can't compare offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes The models look like this: class Fundraising_Challenge(models.....

Fix Python – Comparing two dictionaries and checking how many (key, value) pairs are equal

I have two dictionaries, but for simplification, I will take these two:
>>> x = dict(a=1, b=2)
>>> y = dict(a=2, b=2)

Now, I want to compare whether each key, value pair in x has the same corresponding value in y. So I wrote this:
>>> for x_values, y_values in zip(x.iteritems(), y.iteritems()):
if x_values == y_values:
print ‘….