Fix Python – Why aren’t python nested functions called closures?

I have seen and used nested functions in Python, and they match the definition of a closure. So why are they called “nested functions” instead of “closures”?
Are nested functions not closures because they are not used by the external world?
UPDATE: I was reading about closures and it got me thinking about this concept with respect to Python. I se….

Fix Python – What do lambda function closures capture?

Recently I started playing around with Python and I came around something peculiar in the way closures work. Consider the following code:
adders=[None, None, None, None]

for i in [0,1,2,3]:
adders[i]=lambda a: i+a

print adders[1](3)

It builds a simple array of functions that take a single input and return that input added by a number. The fu….