Fix Python – Mocking boto3 S3 client method Python

I’m trying to mock a singluar method from the boto3 s3 client object to throw an exception. But I need all other methods for this class to work as normal.
This is so I can test a singular Exception test when and error occurs performing a upload_part_copy
1st Attempt
import boto3
from mock import patch

with patch(‘botocore.client.S3.upload_part_co….

Fix Python – How to save S3 object to a file using boto3

I’m trying to do a “hello world” with new boto3 client for AWS.
The use-case I have is fairly simple: get object from S3 and save it to the file.
In boto 2.X I would do it like this:
import boto
key = boto.connect_s3().get_bucket(‘foo’).get_key(‘foo’)

In boto 3 . I can’t find a clean way to do the same thi….