Fix Python – How to use Sphinx’s autodoc to document a class’s __init__(self) method?

Sphinx doesn’t generate docs for __init__(self) by default. I have tried the following:
.. automodule:: mymodule

..autoclass:: MyClass

In, setting the following only appends the __init__(self) docstring to the class docstring (the Sphinx autodoc documentation seems to agree that this is the expected behavi….

Fix Python – Sphinx autodoc is not automatic enough

I’m trying to use Sphinx to document a 5,000+ line project in Python. It has about 7 base modules. As far as I know, In order to use autodoc I need to write code like this for each file in my project:
.. automodule:: mods.set.tests

This is way too tedious because I have many files. It would be much easier if I….