Fix Python – Making an asynchronous task in Flask

I am writing an application in Flask, which works really well except that WSGI is synchronous and blocking. I have one task in particular which calls out to a third party API and that task can take several minutes to complete. I would like to make that call (it’s actually a series of calls) and let it run. while control is returned to Flask.
My vi….

Fix Python – socket.shutdown vs socket.close

I recently saw a bit of code that looked like this (with sock being a socket object of course):

What exactly is the purpose of calling shutdown on the socket and then closing it? If it makes a difference, this socket is being used for non-blocking IO.

Fix Python – Simplest async/await example possible in Python

I’ve read many examples, blog posts, questions/answers about asyncio / async / await in Python 3.5+, many were complex, the simplest I found was probably this one.
Still it uses ensure_future, and for learning purposes about asynchronous programming in Python, I would like to see an even more minimal example, and what are the minimal tools necessa….

Fix Python – Asyncio.gather vs asyncio.wait

asyncio.gather and asyncio.wait seem to have similar uses: I have a bunch of async things that I want to execute/wait for (not necessarily waiting for one to finish before the next one starts). They use a different syntax, and differ in some details, but it seems very un-pythonic to me to have 2 functions that have such a huge overlap in functiona….