Fix Python – When should I (not) want to use pandas apply() in my code?

I have seen many answers posted to questions on Stack Overflow involving the use of the Pandas method apply. I have also seen users commenting under them saying that “apply is slow, and should be avoided”.
I have read many articles on the topic of performance that explain apply is slow. I have also seen a disclaimer in the docs about how apply is….

Fix Python – Return multiple columns from pandas apply()

I have a pandas DataFrame, df_test. It contains a column ‘size’ which represents size in bytes. I’ve calculated KB, MB, and GB using the following code:
df_test = pd.DataFrame([
{‘dir’: ‘/Users/uname1’, ‘size’: 994933},
{‘dir’: ‘/Users/uname2’, ‘size’: 109338711},

df_test[‘size_kb’] = df_test[‘size’].astype(int).apply(lambda x: local….

Fix Python – python pandas: apply a function with arguments to a series

I want to apply a function with arguments to a series in python pandas:
x = my_series.apply(my_function, more_arguments_1)
y = my_series.apply(my_function, more_arguments_2)

The documentation describes support for an apply method, but it doesn’t accept any arguments. Is there a different method that accepts arguments? Alternatively, am I mi….

Fix Python – pandas create new column based on values from other columns / apply a function of multiple columns, row-wise

I want to apply my custom function (it uses an if-else ladder) to these six columns (ERI_Hispanic, ERI_AmerInd_AKNatv, ERI_Asian, ERI_Black_Afr.Amer, ERI_HI_PacIsl, ERI_White) in each row of my dataframe.
I’ve tried different methods from other questions but still can’t seem to find the right answer for my problem. The critical piece of this is t….