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I am trying to set the format to two decimal numbers in a matplotlib subplot environment. Unfortunately, I do not have any idea how to solve this task.

To prevent using scientific notation on the y-axis I used ScalarFormatter(useOffset=False) as you can see in my snippet below. I think my task should be solved by passing further options/arguments to the used formatter. However, I could not find any hint in matplotlib’s documentation.

How can I set two decimal digits or none (both cases are needed)? I am not able to provide sample data, unfortunately.


f, axarr = plt.subplots(3, sharex=True)

data = conv_air
x = range(0, len(data))

axarr[0].scatter(x, data)
axarr[0].set_ylabel('$T_\mathrm{air,2,2}$', size=FONT_SIZE)
axarr[0].tick_params(direction='out', labelsize=FONT_SIZE)
axarr[0].grid(which='major', alpha=0.5)
axarr[0].grid(which='minor', alpha=0.2)

data = conv_dryer
x = range(0, len(data))

axarr[1].scatter(x, data)
axarr[1].set_ylabel('$T_\mathrm{dryer,2,2}$', size=FONT_SIZE)
axarr[1].tick_params(direction='out', labelsize=FONT_SIZE)
axarr[1].grid(which='major', alpha=0.5)
axarr[1].grid(which='minor', alpha=0.2)

data = conv_lambda
x = range(0, len(data))

axarr[2].scatter(x, data)
axarr[2].set_xlabel('Iterationsschritte', size=FONT_SIZE)
axarr[2].set_ylabel('$\lambda$', size=FONT_SIZE)
axarr[2].tick_params(direction='out', labelsize=FONT_SIZE)
axarr[2].grid(which='major', alpha=0.5)
axarr[2].grid(which='minor', alpha=0.2)

Now we will see solution for issue: Specify format of floats for tick labels


See the relevant documentation in general and specifically

from matplotlib.ticker import FormatStrFormatter

fig, ax = plt.subplots()


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