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I’m new to Spark and I’m trying to read CSV data from a file with Spark.
Here’s what I am doing :

    .map(lambda line: (line.split(',')[0], line.split(',')[1]))

I would expect this call to give me a list of the two first columns of my file but I’m getting this error :

File “”, line 1, in
IndexError: list index out of range

although my CSV file as more than one column.

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Are you sure that all the lines have at least 2 columns? Can you try something like, just to check?:

sc.textFile("file.csv") \
    .map(lambda line: line.split(",")) \
    .filter(lambda line: len(line)>1) \
    .map(lambda line: (line[0],line[1])) \

Alternatively, you could print the culprit (if any):

sc.textFile("file.csv") \
    .map(lambda line: line.split(",")) \
    .filter(lambda line: len(line)<=1) \

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