Fix Python – How can I read the contents of an URL with Python?


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The following works when I paste it on the browser:

But when I try reading the URL with Python nothing happens:

 link = ''
 f = urllib.urlopen(link)           
 myfile = f.readline()  
 print myfile

Do I need to encode the URL, or is there something I’m not seeing?

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To answer your question:

import urllib

link = ""
f = urllib.urlopen(link)
myfile =

You need to read(), not readline()

EDIT (2018-06-25): Since Python 3, the legacy urllib.urlopen() was replaced by urllib.request.urlopen() (see notes from for details).

If you’re using Python 3, see answers by Martin Thoma or i.n.n.m within this question: (Python 2/3 compat) (Python 3)

Or, just get this library here: and seriously use it 🙂

import requests

link = ""
f = requests.get(link)

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