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We are using Pylint within our build system.

We have a Python package within our code base that has throwaway code, and I’d like to disable all warnings for a module temporarily so I can stop bugging the other devs with these superfluous messages. Is there an easy way to pylint: disable all warnings for a module?

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From the Pylint FAQ:

With Pylint < 0.25, add

# pylint: disable-all

at the beginning of the module.

Pylint 0.26.1 and up have renamed that directive to

# pylint: skip-file

(but the first version will be kept for backward compatibility).

In order to ease finding which modules are ignored a information-level message I0013 is emitted. With recent versions of Pylint, if you use the old syntax, an additional I0014 message is emitted.

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