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Is there a way to begin a block of code with a with statement, but conditionally?

Something like:

if needs_with():
    with get_stuff() as gs:

# do nearly the same large block of stuff,
# involving gs or not, depending on needs_with()

To clarify, one scenario would have a block encased in the with statement, while another possibility would be the same block, but not encased (i.e., as if it wasn’t indented)

Initial experiments of course give indentation errors..

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If you want to avoid duplicating code and are using a version of Python prior to 3.7 (when contextlib.nullcontext was introduced) or even 3.3 (when contextlib.ExitStack was introduced), you could do something like:

class dummy_context_mgr():
    def __enter__(self):
        return None
    def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, traceback):
        return False


import contextlib

def dummy_context_mgr():
    yield None

and then use it as:

with get_stuff() if needs_with() else dummy_context_mgr() as gs:
   # do stuff involving gs or not

You alternatively could make get_stuff() return different things based on needs_with().

(See Mike’s answer or Daniel’s answer for what you can do in later versions.)

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